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Statement Regarding the Proposed Single Register

Both NAMM General Council and BRAMM Board Members are in favour of a single register that accepts the current BRAMM qualifications and the RQMF City and Guilds qualifications; as well as using the NAMM Code of Working Practice as the supporting document for BS8415.

However, since Local Authority Trading (cemeteries selling memorials) is undoubtedly one of the principal challenges in recent times that memorial masons are facing, and as the BRAMM Board are unable to fully support our challenge against Local Authority Trading, we are unfortunately unable at the present time to endorse a merger of RQMF and BRAMM.

Following concerns from members for NAMM to endorse a single register where the BRAMM Board are not in a position to support retail memorial masons, it would not be in the interests of our members or maintain NAMM’s primary purpose as an Association.

NAMM will work with the BRAMM Board to achieve a single register when the threat of Local Authority Trading ends or if the BRAMM Board can support memorial masons in the fight to combat this threat.

Until these issues are resolved NAMM will continue to develop the RQMF register which is supported by the NAMM Code of Working Practice for the benefit of masons, burial authorities and the public.

NAMM - 27/02/2015

The Single Register

It is a relief to see that NAMM General Council is aware and is supporting the memorial mason. When the RQMF was first formed a great deal of thought and work went into its procedures and before the procedures were finalised advice was sought from NAMM's solicitors. It was simple and straightforward and it worked. Please take care in any updating, if it is needed, not to muddy the waters and introduce contradictions or alter the simplicity. The Memorial Masons understood it and knew where they stood and that was and is important. From 2003 when the details of the proposed BRAMM register, although incomplete, were announced to the trade and right through to 2008 the history of what was intended is all in the minutes of the BRAMM working party (NAMM members) and the minutes of the BRAMM meetings plus numerous e mails it may be helpful for the new members on GC, who may not have been fully aware of the past discussions, to be able to read them all in full. If we do not learn from history then we are in danger of repeating mistakes.

Avril Austin - 08/12/2014

Reply: Thank you, Avril, for your participation in the Open Forum, and for your personal insight into RQMF and BRAMM.

Philip Potts
NAMM National Executive Officer

The New BRAMM Register?

Due to the extraordinary development that members of the BRAMM Board appear to be clearly working against the interests of retail memorial masons by encouraging Burial Authorities to set up in direct competition with the very people the register is set up to support.

A policy of cemeteries selling memorials supported by some corporate members of the BRAMM Board, putting retail memorial masons out of business is not acceptable to NAMM.

NAMM still seeks a single register and will await BRAMM having clear and transparent procedures and a Board that is fully supportive of retail memorial masons before a merger is agreed.

In the meantime the RQMF register will remain, and is currently being updated; more information will follow in the coming months.

NAMM - 05/12/2014

New email address for RQMF

Please note that with immediate effect there is a new email address for the NAMM Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers -

Emails sent to the old email address - - will be automatically redirected to this new email address.

RQMF Administrator - 26/11/2014

The New BRAMM Register Update

As reported in the June issue of NAMM News both BRAMM and NAMM have been negotiating for some time to form one single register from the two current registers and are now ready to move forward.

Although a combined register is planned we still need to agree quality assurance methodology for assessment procedures as well as an agreed discipline process. As you will appreciate these protocols all need to be established and transparent before the new single register can go live.

Philip Potts
NAMM National Executive Officer

NAMM - 26/11/2014

Updated NAMM Code of Working Practice

Information Message from RQMF Office:

As you will be aware, it is a requirement of the Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers that all work shall be carried out in accordance with the current industry standard NAMM Code of Working Practice and British Standard 8415.

An update of the NAMM Code of Working Practice has now been completed and copies of the new Code are available to those businesses and fixers on the RQMF at the reduced price of £25 (inc VAT) : normal price is £97 (inc VAT).

To obtain a copy of the updated Code, please send a cheque for £25 (payable to NAMM) to 1 Castle Mews, Rugby, Warks, CV21 2XL and a copy will be posted to you.

RQMF Administrator - 08/10/2014

NAMM / BRAMM Statement

Both BRAMM and NAMM have been negotiating for some time to form one single register from the two current registers and are now ready to move forward.

These negotiations have now concluded and a new combined register is planned. The enlarged register will keep the BRAMM name, but will be marketed for the next 12 months as THE NEW BRAMM REGISTER.

BRAMM will be simply a register of qualifications with compliance verifiers acting for the public, burial authorities and masons. BRAMM will not be an Association or act as an Association. It will oversee continuous professional development of masons. NAMM will have representation on the new BRAMM Board.

NAMM will be an Association and provide the training courses and trainers. NAMM will not be a Register or act as a Register or compliance verifier. NAMM will continue to develop the NAMM Code of Working Practice, with inclusive input from all interested parties, to ensure its continued universal acceptance and compliance with BS 8415.

The annual business registration fees for 2015 will remain at £99 + VAT and any other charges will also remain the same as those currently charged by BRAMM. CPD (Continuous Professional Development) will continue to be required, and the costs will be covered by the annual registration fee.

NAMM will be holding Roadshows around the country over the next 12 months, for both masons and burial authorities, and inviting BRAMM to take part.

NAMM is also running a Trade Exhibition next June at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre and are offering THE NEW BRAMM REGISTER a stand for the two days.

Both NAMM and BRAMM will be mutually supportive, and in continuous communication.

NAMM - 02/07/2014

NAMM / BRAMM Announcement

9 June 2014: Announcement on behalf of NAMM General Council

Both the NAMM General Council and BRAMM Board have approved the merger of the RQMF and BRAMM registers to create a single independent industry register with equal representation from burial authorities and memorial masons. Both NAMM and BRAMM will be mutually supportive and in continuous communication.

Details to follow in NAMM / BRAMM newsletters later this month.

NAMM - 09/06/2014

A line in the sand, or sand in the face?

The open letter from Brent raises questions that NAMM the 'only Memorial Masons' trade association' should seriously consider before anyone once again goes past a point of no return.

NAMM is a registered awarding body for trade specific qualifications;
Do NAMM respect and support the rights of all those that hold accredited trade qualifications, some of which NAMM themselves have helped develop, administer and charge fees for?
What should those that pay the NAMM membership fees and RQMF registration fees expect from NAMM in return for their subscriptions and trust?
What is NAMM and who does the organization seek to support and represent?

These are the same basic questions that should be seriously considered now, just as they should have been seriously considered many years ago before the BRAMM scheme was ever first created and given a free hand by NAMM.

I believe in the basic concept of a register, but that’s all it should be, ‘a register’ and whatever name given to such a register should not imply that it is anything other than what it is.

The A.S.A has already made judgment against certain Funeral Directors who have openly advertised themselves as being ‘Memorial Masons’ when in fact they have no in house masons or workshop facilities and bring in finished memorials through a third party.
BRAMM is not a ‘British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons’ and a simple fact which is clearly indicated when viewing the list of those companies registered with it.

If there is to be one register then its name needs to reflect exactly what it is, just as the RQMF does.

Why it has cost NAMM over £100,000 ,?
This expenditure has not only been incurred due to NAMMs defense of the RQMF, we should not forget that a very large portion of it has been accrued in defense of NAMMs own good name or the reasons why this was necessary.
Perhaps we should ask those concerned what are the real underlying reasons as to why certain organizations, individuals and a limited number of Local Authorities have seen fit to obstruct a scheme like the RQMF which is after all just a register based on accredited qualifications and administered by NAMM.

Finally I disagree that RQMF is just a mirror image of BRAMM,
The RQMF does not offer training, it does not seek to be a regulatory body, it does not create documents like the ‘Blue Book’ or overly biased newsletters, and it does not class itself as an organization which implies all those registered with it are memorial masons.

If NAMM wants masons to band together in defense of their livelihood and their trade and stop Local Authorities from selling memorials and monumental services, then will amalgamating with BRAMM serve that aim, you cannot serve two masters.

I could go on but for the sake of the ordinary working mason I hope common sense prevails in all this and that NAMM does the right thing for the trade and the working masons this time round, and in doing so honors NAMMs perceived integrity and stated aims when attempting to all things on behalf of memorial masons and their members best interest.

peter hayman - 04/04/2014

Reply: Following the final date for comments regarding the proposed single register; we will update the site with a summary of the comments received.

Phillip Potts, NAMM National Executive Officer

Open Letter from Brent Stevenson


"This is an open letter from Brent Stevenson personally, not NAMM's Honorary Treasurer.
Negotiations are ongoing to merge the two registers of RQMF and BRAMM into a new single register. Nearly 50% of NAMM retail companies are on both registers and pay both fees each year, as well as have to send in all then paperwork twice. To gain acceptance with more burial authorities RQMF has had to change to be simply a mirror of BRAMM. This has also meant both registers competing with one another and not spending their time or limited resources in policing the registers. This still allows the 'cowboys' to not fix to the NAMM Code of Working Practice, but take short cuts and are using silicone, etc. The truth is both registers financially are just keeping their heads above water, but combined can move forwards. The past few years have been wasted and cost NAMM over £100,000 fighting legal battles that have not moved anything forwards. Therefore it is time to draw a line in the sand and move forwards at a time when all masons need to band together to compete in a changing world of Local Authorities legally being allowed to trade in memorials. So far NAMM General Council have approved the negotiations and no members have given any significant negative feedback. However, if any member has any questions or points they wish to be raised in future negotiations please contact Phil Potts at NAMM by phone, e mail or letter so that the RQMF register can implement the feelings of the majority of companies."

Registrar - 26/03/2014

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