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The Single Register

It is a relief to see that NAMM General Council is aware and is supporting the memorial mason. When the RQMF was first formed a great deal of thought and work went into its procedures and before the procedures were finalised advice was sought from NAMM's solicitors. It was simple and straightforward and it worked. Please take care in any updating, if it is needed, not to muddy the waters and introduce contradictions or alter the simplicity. The Memorial Masons understood it and knew where they stood and that was and is important. From 2003 when the details of the proposed BRAMM register, although incomplete, were announced to the trade and right through to 2008 the history of what was intended is all in the minutes of the BRAMM working party (NAMM members) and the minutes of the BRAMM meetings plus numerous e mails it may be helpful for the new members on GC, who may not have been fully aware of the past discussions, to be able to read them all in full. If we do not learn from history then we are in danger of repeating mistakes.

Avril Austin - 08/12/2014

Reply: Thank you, Avril, for your participation in the Open Forum, and for your personal insight into RQMF and BRAMM.

Philip Potts
NAMM National Executive Officer

The New BRAMM Register?

Due to the extraordinary development that members of the BRAMM Board appear to be clearly working against the interests of retail memorial masons by encouraging Burial Authorities to set up in direct competition with the very people the register is set up to support.

A policy of cemeteries selling memorials supported by some corporate members of the BRAMM Board, putting retail memorial masons out of business is not acceptable to NAMM.

NAMM still seeks a single register and will await BRAMM having clear and transparent procedures and a Board that is fully supportive of retail memorial masons before a merger is agreed.

In the meantime the RQMF register will remain, and is currently being updated; more information will follow in the coming months.

NAMM - 05/12/2014

Public ask questions about RQMF

Just to let you know I have just had my first customer ask me detailed questions about RQMF. This shows that RQMF is becoming recognised by the general public. It definitely won our company some brownie points!!
Only negative was the logo was not easily read and understood, maybe if the letters of "Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers" we a lot larger in proportion to the rest.
Just as with NAMM - the more businesses join the stronger we will all be.

Brent Stevenson - 05/08/2011


I have been looking at the RQMF register and I note that a few businesses have not completed their Fixer Registrations.

I have just sent mine in - it is very very easy, if you already have the BRAMM fixer Licence. I am going to get some of my other fixers also accredited with RQMF.

Please support the RQMF by getting the paperwork in for your fixers, it really is easy and only costs £29.38. There is a deadline (30th November 2010) to have at least one fixer listed per registerd company. So please support RQMF and get your fixers registered NOW!!

Brent Stevenson - 08/09/2010

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