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It has come to our attention that some businesses are registering a fixer that does not actually carry out the fixing of a memorial. Can you please ensure that all fixers listed and linked to your business are those who do actually fix/erect memorials in the Cemeteries. This will then provide accountability and a traceable audit trail.

Philip Potts
NAMM National Executive Officer

Registrar - 14/11/2013


The logo for RQMF has been changed for 2014; this is to avoid confusion regarding NAMM membership and the Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers.

New vehicle RQMF logos will be distributed Free of Charge in the New Year.

Registrar - 31/10/2013

Information re any changes required in erecting memorials

I think that masons probably believe that there have been no changes in the erection of memorials and so may not be alerted to raise any points. Please could you publish for all registered masons on RQMF the outcome of the independent panel meeting, whether any changes in the British Standard review has any bearing on the way memorials are erected and if there are any new developments? The forum is the only means by which RQMF can keep those registered informed and up to date.
It would help.

Avril Austin - 29/10/2013

Reply: The NAMM CoWP has not been amended, nor the British Standard BS 8415. However a comprehensive review is currently taking place to make sure the NAMM CoWP accurately reflects BS 8415 and modern practice. This is hoped to be published early in 2014, and all RQMF registered businesses will be informed once any amendments have been agreed by NAMM General Council.

Philip Potts, NAMM National Executive Officer 06.11.13


have there not been any questions asked or points made other than HO in the last 14 months?

Brent Stevenson - 27/10/2013

Reply: Sorry, we have not had any questions from Masons

Single Register

The National Association of Memorial Masons, at the request of several Local Authorities, is currently exploring ways of having a single fixing register for the industry.

There are currently several registers all working to different standards causing uncertainty and misunderstanding to Burial Authorities and Memorial Masons. A single register would therefore make the whole process clearer and easier to market and manage for the benefit of the Public, Burial Authorities and Memorial Masons.

Philip Potts
NAMM National Executive Officer

Registrar - 09/09/2013

RQMF Review Panel

NAMM now has a Review Panel in place to oversee the Register. There is representation from Local Authorities, City & Guilds and CSCS. The Panel held its first meeting earlier in the year.

Registrar - 09/09/2013

RQMF Steadily growing

The RQMF continues to grow steadily, with over 460 fixers now registered we expect to exceed 500 by the turn of the year. The number of Burial Authorities who are now confirming acceptance of the scheme is also growing at a steady rate. The RQMF will only have been in existance for three years in October of this year and we are delighted with the progress which has been made in such a short time.

Administrator - 12/09/2012

Registration schemes update

The RQMF is approaching the end of its third year of existence, during which time it has exceeded all expectations of success. Most Memorial Masons in the UK now have a clear choice when their Burial Authority requires them to be registered with either one of the two national registers. We are aware that there are a few Authorities who still insist on registration with BRAMM, while there are a few who insist on registration with the RQMF. It has been NAMM policy for some time, to strive to have both schemes recognised and as the relationship between NAMM and BRAMM is now on a more business-like footing, NAMM is requesting that Burial Authorities recognise the advantage in allowing both schemes to be acknowledged.

NAMM has been working hard to develop a better relationship with the BRAMM board to ensure that standards are maintained and for information regarding malpractice to be shared between the two schemes. In addition to this and with the recent agreement between Cardiff City Council Bereavement Service and NAMM, we hope that those few Burial Authorities who still do not recognise the RQMF will soon do so and those who refuse to recognise BRAMM will do likewise. The Industry has proved that it is more than capable of regulating itself and by giving masons a choice, no one can be accused of restrictive practice.

Administrator - 05/08/2012


I would just like to congratulate you for bringing a very interesting NAMM roadshow to the north east recently. Being new to the trade, I found the content very informative and it is reassuring to see that we are in the hands of a very experienced, enthusiastic and genuinely caring organisation.

It was doubly worthwhile attending as the North East Region AGM was held after the main event and it was a pleasure to meet some fellow tradesmen who take pride in not only the finished product, but all parts of the service we provide to our customers.

Very many thanks from all at WP Everingham & Sons Ltd. We look forward to hosting next year's North East Region AGM, when we will also be celebrating our 170th Birthday!

Dave Mitchell - 30/07/2012

NAMM Roadshows proving popular

The recent roadshows held by NAMM at Newmarket and Darlington were well attended by both Memorial Masons and Burial Authority staff. Items under discussion included the new British Standard, Changes to the NAMM Code of Working Practice, Memorial Safety, Memorial Insurance, Cement free fixing methods and a number of other topics including a talk on the various types of stone used for memorials and their particular properties.

This comment was e-mailed to the NAMM Office following the Darlington Roadshow

"Thank you for a well presented, informative and thoroughly interesting roadshow yesterday.

I would say it certainly met the aims and objectives and I was encouraged at the appreciation shown of the problems and responsibilities facing burial authorities, and how NAMM can help.

Best regards

Ken McClurg

Cemeteries Officer

South Lakeland District Council"

If you wish to attend a roadshow contact NAMM HQ who will give you more information, or if you would like NAMM to hold a roadshow in your area please let NAMM know.

Administrator - 27/07/2012

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