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The National Association of Memorial Masons will administer and maintain a register, RQMF, of memorial masonry businesses and qualified memorial erectors/fixers for the erection/fixing of memorials to the standard as prescribed in the current NAMM CoWP and the current British Standard. BS 8415.

The Register is open to all memorial masons, whether they are members of NAMM or not, but all memorial erectors/fixers must be qualified by a nationally recognised qualification for the erection/fixing of memorials. The Register will be administered separately from NAMM as a Trade Association and will be governed by this strict protocol to ensure transparency and equal treatment of all who register.

Criteria for registration for the memorial business:

A Registration Certificate will be issued to the business on successful completion of their application bearing the business registration number.

The business registration will be renewed annually on receipt of the current required documents and the fee. A Business Certificate will be issued annually.
Certificate of Qualification criteria to register a memorial fixer:

As from April 2016 all new RQMF Fixers will be required to pass the City & Guilds qualification 'Fixing Monoliths & Lawn Type Memorials to the NAMM Code of Working Practice'.

A registration card will be issued bearing the name and photograph of the erector/fixer, his registration number, his qualifications, the name and address of the business by which he is employed.

A new card will be issued on receipt of the fee for fixer registration. If the card is lost or stolen or further qualifications are to be added, the card will be replaced at a cost.

The memorial fixer registration is by accredited qualification and is for life.

The memorial business registration and the memorial erector/fixer registration are both subject to the Disciplinary Procedure in order to maintain standards in the erection/fixing of memorials. The Disciplinary Procedure is explained in detail later in this document.

It should be clearly understood that the business is responsible for the erection/fixing of a memorial to the NAMM CoWP. It is the business that issues the Certificate of Compliance and provides the Employee and Public Liability insurances. It is the business that enters into a contract with the customer.
The person employed, trained and qualified to erect/fix memorials may leave the employment of any business but the responsibility will remain with the business. Therefore, if there is cause for concern regarding the erection/fixing of a memorial by a Burial Authority and any action that is to be taken, the business must be contacted by the Burial Authority and/or the Registrar of the Registration Scheme and involved in all proceedings.

It is the ultimate responsibility of the business to deal with their employee if there is a problem caused by that employee for the business. A memorial mason who is a sole trader and therefore undertakes the provision as well as erection/fixing of a memorial as well as the administration of his business is deemed to be the business.

The RQMF will appoint a Registrar. This person will have day-to-day responsibility for the management and administration of the Register. The job remit will include:

(1) Processing applications

  1. Application received and logged.
  2. Pass application to accounts for invoicing and/or clearing payment.
  3. Set up file sheet – check application form(s) completed and that attachments are present and that all appropriate documents are enclosed and signed.
  4. Enter data onto website (if not already present) including insurance expiry dates.
  5. Enter data onto internal document log.
  6. Once completed issue Business Certificate and Fixer badge(s) if applicable.
  7. Send letter of approval.
  8. Incomplete applications will be filed and a letter sent. These files will be monitored and routinely progressed.

(2) Dealing with routine correspondence relating to the RQMF 
     (including that relating to the Disciplinary Procedure described below)

  1. The RQMF will provide and maintain an Internet website. This website will contain basic information relating to the structure and purpose of the Register, FAQ’s, registration forms for both masonry businesses and memorial fixers and include terms of registration for both categories (
  2. The website will also include an open forum available to all visitors. The Open Forum is to also to enable Burial Authorities to post any questions in order for them to receive an answer promptly. The Open Forum is there to deal with registration matters and not NAMM as a Trade Association.
  3. Primarily the website will provide the free access gateway to the database of those businesses and their respective memorial fixers who meet the RQMF terms and qualifications for registration. Also contained within the database will be a geographical list of those Burial Authorities, Councils and others managing burial grounds who have formally acknowledged the Register and will utilise the data contained therein to maintain a high standard of safe workmanship within their cemeteries.
  4. The RQMF will appoint an Administrator to oversee and monitor the Open Forum contained within the RQMF website. This person will be experienced in all aspects of the memorial masonry trade and have a particularly good working knowledge of the NAMM Code of Working Practice. The Administrator will undertake to monitor the Forum routinely and vet the content. Where appropriate a response can be posted on behalf of the Register. Comments made by the Administrator may not necessarily reflect the policy of NAMM.

RQMF Disciplinary Procedure

Pre-requisite: All memorial masonry businesses and registered fixers wishing to participate in the RQMF must sign an undertaking to abide by the decisions of any independent Disciplinary Committee formed to rule on an alleged breach of fixing standards made against them.

The Burial Authorities are responsible for ensuring their burial grounds are properly maintained and memorials erected/fixed are done so by the business with the proper authorisation.
All Burial Authorities will be responsible for ‘policing’ the maintenance of fixing standards within their cemeteries unless this service is contracted out (e.g. the NAMM Annual Fixer Assessment Scheme). In the event of a memorial fixer being found to have breached the rules, normally not fixing strictly in accordance with the current NAMM CoWP, the Burial Authority will commence the following procedure:

  1. Confront the fixer with a request to acknowledge that a breach had occurred, the breach having been clearly explained.
  2. If an acknowledgement is received, the fixer will be invited to correct the breach and give a written undertaking that no further breaches will occur; any such undertaking will be recorded and copied to the RQMF Registrar and the business employing the fixer.
  3. In the event that the fixer and the business refuse to acknowledge that a breach has occurred and put matters right, the Burial Authority should clearly record the details of the offence including, where possible, photographic evidence. At this point the Burial Authority, can if it so wishes, impose restrictions on the fixer and the business in accordance with its own rules. Should this course of action be followed the RQMF Registrar should be notified for the record. Alternatively, the Burial Authority can pass the file of evidence directly to the RQMF Registrar for further direct action.
  4. On receipt of a disciplinary action evidence file, the RQMF Registrar will log the complaint and pass the details to an independent NAMM committee of technical experts requesting an opinion. The review by the disciplinary committee may entail a meeting with the business/fixer. Such meeting may also be requested by the business/fixer and/or an independent inspection of the site. The Costs for an independent visit are borne by the Register.
  5. In the event that this opinion supports the complaint the Registrar will write directly to the business (copy to the Burial Authority) outlining the details of both the complaint and the independent findings. If the complaint from the Burial Authority is upheld this letter will also instruct the mason to put the matters right and provide a written undertaking that no further breaches of rules will occur. Confirmation will be required from the Burial Authority that satisfactory rectification has indeed taken place. The complaint will be held on record for a period of 12 months. In the event that the complaint from the Burial Authority is not upheld the Registrar will explain the situation in full to the Burial Authority.
  6. In the event that a fixer fails to comply with RQMF directives following the independent review of a complaint or if a further breach of rules is committed within a 12 month period of the first offence, permission will be gained from the grave owner by the Registrar for the mason to be instructed to re-fix the memorial in the presence of an RQMF appointed assessor, all costs to be borne by the business/ fixer. The assessor must satisfy himself that the fixer is working to and strictly understands the requirements of the NAMM CoWP and advise where the erection/fixing was at fault. At the discretion of the assessor the fixer can be instructed to undergo refresher fixer training at his own expense in order to maintain his listing on the Register. The assessors report will be copied to the Burial Authority and the business for their records.
  7. Should a fixer and business continue to ignore the directives of the RQMF assessor or commit a further breach of rules within any current 12 month period, they will be notified that all data relating to either or both the registered business and the offending fixer will be removed from the RQMF with immediate effect.
  8. A business will have to follow its own internal disciplinary procedure in the case of an employed person who has been trained and qualified to erect memorials. The business will have to be seen to deal with the matter correctly if they find they need to dismiss the offending employee in order to employ another who is capable of doing the work to their required standard and allow the business to continue trading. Therefore, any action taken by the Register or assessors may be used at a tribunal to support the business’s action). The Burial Authority will be notified if any business or fixer is removed from the Register.
  9. An offending business and/or fixer will not be permitted to re-apply for registration to the RQMF for a minimum period of 6 months following removal after three upheld complaints. Any such masonry business/fixer wishing to be re-registered with the RQMF must first, entirely at their own expense, agree to undergo basic fixer training or have their employee undergo training and be assessed by a City & Guilds/NPTC/NAMM assessor to determine their competence. Only following a successful assessment will a business be allowed to register the memorial erector/fixer.

The (RQMF) Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers has been set up in accordance and within the scope of  Article 52 paragraph b and paragraph c of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of The National Association of Memorial Masons and in accordance with the requirements of the said article this protocol has been confirmed by The NAMM General Council, January 2010.